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Why Spring is the Best Time to Complete a Land Survey

A man completing a survey as the sun sets

Spring is not just a wonderful time for blooming flowers and warmer weather; it’s also the prime season for conducting land surveys. This season offers unique conditions that can significantly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and ease of surveying land. Whether you’re planning construction, buying property, or just need an accurate map of your land, here’s… Read more »

Debunking Common Land Surveying Myths

A level set up at a land surveying site

Land surveying is a field defined by intricate details, but occasionally also some surprising misconceptions. There are a handful of common myths that have misdirected folks about the reality of land surveying. Whether you’re a landowner, developer, or simply a curious mind, it’s important to clear the fog and shine a light on the reality… Read more »

What Are ALTA/NSPS Surveys?

A land surveyor takes a picture while working

If you’ve ever been looking into land surveying, you’ve likely run into the phrase ALTA/NSPS survey but may not have known what that meant. These acronyms are important because they represent a set of standards by which a professional land surveying must operate. When you’re shopping around for a survey for your piece of property,… Read more »

How Long Does a Land Survey Take?

surveying camera set up over a field

As a landowner, you may need a land survey for a number of reasons. Maybe you just purchased a piece of land and you want to know exactly what area belongs to you. Perhaps you’re looking to fence in your property and want to ensure that fence stays solely on your property. You could be… Read more »

How a Land Survey Helps Save You Money

Land surveyor at work

While many people may be hesitant to get a land survey because of the potential cost, or believe it is an unnecessary service when purchasing a home, it can actually be one of the biggest money savers for homeowners. Establishing boundary lines, determining easements and mapping out your property, will help protect from issues with… Read more »

Why Land Surveying is Important for Civil Engineering Projects

Land surveyor standing in front of a civil engineering building project, looking through a theodolite taking measurements.

When civil engineers first plan to develop a property, they require land surveyors to provide accurate measurements and information about the land. Land surveyors are responsible for mapping and establishing property boundaries. They provide information about the property’s topography and existing buildings or improvements. Since civil engineering often requires structures and other infrastructure to be placed… Read more »

When Will I Need a Land Survey?

Land surveying equipment in front of a home being built

When you’re in the process of building a home, handling outdoor renovations on your existing home or taking care of any other project on your property, you may be wondering if you need to have a land survey performed. To put it simply, you will need to have a land survey completed by a professional… Read more »

Drone Use in Land Surveying and the Legal Issues

Drone photography in land surveying

Drone photography/videography is playing a major role in the land surveying industry. Drones have the ability to capture images and video content from an aerial viewpoint, which can be a big help for land surveyors. Land surveying requires detail and exact measurement due to legal issues and other important factors that play into the industry…. Read more »

The Importance of Land Surveying in Schools

Land Surveyor in the field

We’re seeing more and more colleges and universities embrace Land Surveying as a program for their academics. This is a very good sign for the industry because it allows for new potential employers and land surveying business owners. It provides incoming students to the college or university with another career path that can be very… Read more »

If You Own Property, You’ll Need a Residential Site Plan

Drawings for site plans

Owning land is a great investment, but if you’re looking to build on that land, you’ll need to acquire a residential site plan for the application. There are some things you’ll need to prepare before building a structure on a property. We recommend getting a residential site plan done because it will help you out… Read more »