Rush County, Indiana Property Surveying

It is essential to know where your property begins and ends, yet property lines are not always so clear. Oftentimes, property lines were originally made when few reliable tools were available, and they are not always accurate. When you hire a professional property surveyor in Rush County, Indiana to assess your property lines, you may discover that fixtures such as fences have been put in the wrong place, reducing the size of your property. You may also discover that you have access to resources such as streams or rivers that you didn’t know about. Whether you are dealing with legal disputes, you are obtaining title insurance or just want to make sure that your current lines are accurate, Scholle’s Land Surveying Inc. can perform an ALTA/NSPS land title survey.

To make surveys as accurate and consistent as possible, the American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors (ALTA/NSPS) have put forth outlines of the proper processes and information required to complete an accurate survey. ALTA/NSPS surveys are the gold standard of land title surveys and are accepted by title insurance companies, banks issuing mortgages and loans, and courts. An ALTA/NSPS survey will show you, accurately and precisely, where your property boundaries begin and end, whether there are easements on the property, if fixtures such as fences are properly set up, or if neighboring structures or installations are encroaching on your land.

Having an ALTA/NSPS survey performed at your Rush County home or business can give you an accurate look at your property boundaries and ensure your legal rights and ownership. To find out more about having your property surveyed, call Scholle’s Land Surveying today at 812-663-6526 to make an appointment.