How a Land Survey Helps Save You Money

Land surveyor at work

While many people may be hesitant to get a land survey because of the potential cost, or believe it is an unnecessary service when purchasing a home, it can actually be one of the biggest money savers for homeowners.

Establishing boundary lines, determining easements and mapping out your property, will help protect from issues with neighboring properties in the future that could end up costing you a large amount of money.

When you want to legally protect yourself and your property from potential headaches and legal battles, make the smart decision by having a land survey performed.

You’ll avoid legal costs

As mentioned above, when you do not define your property’s boundary lines, it can lead to disputes with neighboring property owners that can result in large legal fees.

The land survey will help protect you from getting into legal battles when you want to build on your property or store things near boundary lines.

With a land survey, you will have a legal document showing your property’s dimensions that is publicly accessible.

Even if there have already been land surveys created in the past, it is best to get an updated survey to ensure things are as accurate as possible.

It helps when building on your property

Another way in which a land survey will help save you money is when you’re building a new structure on your property.

Whether it be a new home, garage, shed, fence or any other structure, there will be nothing worse than having to go through lengthy court battles to prove that the area in which you are building is a part of your property.

You can avoid these potential legal fees and the chance of having to tear down your new structure by having a land survey performed before any building takes place.  

You ease the division of property

In the event you and a spouse divide property in the future, having a land survey on hand will make the process run much more smoothly by making it easier to sell your home.

You’ll probably have enough legal troubles, and the last thing you’ll need is to have something else to worry about.

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