Shelby County, Indiana Property Surveying

If you are buying a property, you are involved in a legal dispute or you are installing new fixtures on your property, it’s important to enlist of the help of a professional, experienced, local property surveyor in Shelby County, Indiana.

Scholle’s Land Surveying Inc. is the trusted source for ALTA/NSPS land title surveys in Indiana. These surveys will show you where the boundaries of your property are and help you make pivotal decisions about the use of your most valuable asset – your land.

Because of the importance of an accurate land survey and the variation in boundaries and records, a professional survey is conducted following the standards set forth by the American Land Title Association and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. Scholle’s Land Surveying diligently adheres to these guidelines and follows the process outlined by these organizations so you receive the most accurate and most reliable survey.

An ALTA/NSPS land title survey begins by consulting historical documents and previous records to find original boundary lines and continues with a more refined approach using modern surveying technology, such as GPS, to give you the most accurate results. With your land survey properly conducted according to ALTA/NSPS guidelines, there will be no confusion regarding land rights or boundaries.

Land title surveys are often required for title insurance and may be required when installing parking lots, new utility systems or other permanent fixtures. It may also be required when applying for a mortgage.

If a property or use dispute has come up between you and your neighbors in Shelby County, Indiana, a professional property surveyor can put the problem to rest. Call Scholle’s Land Surveying at 812-663-6526 today to learn more or to make an appointment.