Decatur County, Indiana Property Surveying

With many properties being bought and sold for centuries, the boundary lines between plots of land are not always clear. If there’s a dispute or if property is changing hands, it is important to obtain accurate land records. Scholle’s Land Surveying Inc. can provide you with a professional, precise ALTA/NSPS land title survey to show where boundaries exist and ascertain the condition of the property.

An ALTA/NSPS survey can be used to help resolve any land dispute and is often also required as part of obtaining title insurance, loans or mortgages. As your property surveyor in Decatur County, Indiana, we will come to your property and bring the most up-to-date technology and equipment to find and clearly identify where property lines exist.

ALTA, or the American Land Title Association, and NSPS, the National Society of Professional Surveyors, provide guidelines for performing land surveys, ensuring that the results are consistent and verifiable no matter where in the country you are. Having a professional ALTA/NSPS land title survey completed does more than show where property lines exist. If a professional land survey has not been conducted for some time, you may discover that you have more property than you thought or that fixtures such as fences or utility lines have been improperly placed on your land. An ALTA/NSPS survey will also show if there are easements on the land and where they exist, or if protrusions or buildings on a neighboring property are in fact encroaching on your land.

If you’re applying for a new mortgage or loan or need to get title insurance, an ALTA/NSPS land title survey is often required by the issuing agency. Even if you just want to have a survey completed to gauge the accuracy of your property boundaries, choosing Scholle’s Land Surveying to assess your boundaries can help prevent land disputes in the future or show where to properly place new fixtures or utility systems.

To schedule a surveying appointment at your property in Decatur County, Indiana, call Scholle’s Land Surveying today at 812-663-6526.