The Importance of Land Surveying in Schools

Land Surveyor in the field

We’re seeing more and more colleges and universities embrace Land Surveying as a program for their academics. This is a very good sign for the industry because it allows for new potential employers and land surveying business owners. It provides incoming students to the college or university with another career path that can be very rewarding in the future.

Land Surveying is Essential

Land surveyors play an important role in everyday life. Any construction that goes on, a land surveyor has to be involved. This is why it’s a very good sign that we’re seeing more and more schools add land surveying into their academic programs. This will allow students to learn everything they need to know before entering into the field successfully.

When Do You Need a Land Surveyor?

One of the most common instances where you’ll need a land survey done is when you’re building a home, putting an addition on, or building any other building on your property. A land surveyor will be able to make sure everything is in order from boundary lines, flooding, fences, and other property issues.

Why Choose Scholle’s Land Surveying?

At Scholle’s Land Surveying, we have the ability to conduct a plethora of land surveying services for subdivision design, flood elevation, legal surveys, route surveys, boundary, and much more! If you skip the survey part for any reason, you’ll pay for it in the future. Lawsuits will not be your friend if you’ve built a fence around your property without having a survey done to make sure the fence was built properly and on your land.

Neighbor disputes can happen, which is why it’s very beneficial to have a land surveyor conduct the work that needs to be done before you build.

If you need a land survey done, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Scholle’s Land Surveying at 812-663-6526 today or visit us online for more information!

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