How Long Does a Land Survey Take?

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As a landowner, you may need a land survey for a number of reasons. Maybe you just purchased a piece of land and you want to know exactly what area belongs to you. Perhaps you’re looking to fence in your property and want to ensure that fence stays solely on your property. You could be building a structure and want to ensure you’re not encroaching on your neighbor’s land.

Regardless of your reasoning, you’re going to want that survey done in a timely fashion so you can get to whatever project is next. The length of time it takes to complete the survey will depend on a few factors. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Land Survey?

A land survey is a drawing that shows the exact boundaries of a property, while also showing the dimensions and locations of any buildings or related structures on the property. Such a survey can be complete on both residential and commercial property.

What Determines the Length of a Survey?

The two biggest factors in determining the time a land survey will take are the size and shape of your property and the state of existing deeds. Before any survey work begins, the surveyor will review the current deeds of the land that will be measured and information about the nearby property. Oftentimes, this means traveling to the local courthouse to access files, which can prolong the process.

If the deeds all have the correct information and match up, the process will be quicker. However, everything will take longer if the deeds contain conflicting information. This will require further investigation, which will take more time. Still, this process shouldn’t usually take longer than a week.

The next step for the surveyor will be to visit the property to collect physical evidence, including fences and walls, to compare the existing boundary to the deed. The length of this part of the process totally depends on the size of your land. It can take anywhere from a day for a small yard to two weeks for a massive piece of property.

So How Long Will It Take?

If the surveyor is able to start right away, yours and your neighbors’ deeds match up and your land isn’t incredibly large, the process could take a week or less. But issues with the deeds and larger properties can cause the process to extend to as many as three weeks.

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