When Will I Need a Land Survey?

Land surveying equipment in front of a home being built

When you’re in the process of building a home, handling outdoor renovations on your existing home or taking care of any other project on your property, you may be wondering if you need to have a land survey performed.

To put it simply, you will need to have a land survey completed by a professional surveying company if you are building a new structure, addition, extension, etc., or if you are tearing down a piece of the structure and rebuilding it.

It is essential that every homeowner/builder knows when to have a land survey conducted so they can comply with local zoning laws and regulations, prevent future disputes over property lines and more.

Home building & remodeling

When building a new home or business, it is essential to have a land survey to comply with the afore mentioned zoning laws. This is necessary as you will need an accurate boundary line before breaking ground to ensure you do not build on land that isn’t yours.

Similarly, when you are remodeling the outside of a home or business you will need a land survey if you are tearing down a piece of the home or putting on an extension such as a deck or patio.

When building a fence around your property

It may be surprising to some, but it is a good idea to have a land survey performed when you are building a fence. This is necessary as you’ll want an accurate account of your property line and to avoid building on a neighboring property.

Avoid future disputes, costly adjustments and gain piece of mind by having a land survey completed at your site.

When building a subdivision

Should you be charged with the building of a subdivision, you understand how important it is to have an accurate boundary line created for each new property. This will not only be a great resource for any future issues that may arise but will also ensure that your project is complying with all local zoning laws and regulations.

With a land survey, you will be able to split tracts of land accurately and will save big by not having to deal with issues from your local governing jurisdiction.

When you’re looking to save time and money, and have your project conducted as it should be, we are standing by to assist with all your surveying needs at Scholles Land Surveying.

Since 2004, our professional and licensed team has provided accurate land surveys for those building subdivisions, homes and more throughout Indiana. We look forward to assisting at your property and ask that you give us a call today at (812) 663-6526 to have us get started.  

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