3 Reasons to Get a Boundary Survey Before Selling a Property

Land Surveyor In Field

When selling a property, it’s extremely beneficial to provide potential buyers with detailed information about the land.

Whether you are looking to have an accurate boundary for buyers to look at, you need to resolve boundary disputes with a neighboring landowner or you want to look for any inconsistencies on the property, a boundary survey will have you set up to sell your property with as little hassle as possible.  

Hiring an experienced land surveying company will give you peace of mind in knowing that all information about the property is correct and it will also increase the interest level of potential buyers by showing them you care about the smallest details.  

Have a visual aid for potential property owners

When you have a boundary survey done, you will have a definitive boundary line of your property that you can show to potential buyers.

Whether you are establishing a boundary for the first time or would like to have it re-established before putting it on the market, a professional land surveyor will be able to give you accurate boundary information by researching land records and administering a thorough field reconnaissance with the latest technology.

Resolve any boundary disputes

Boundary disputes are bound to happen and it’s important that you have them resolved before selling your property. To ensure that you have an accurate representation of your land, a boundary survey will be able to prove what land is yours and what is not.

Whether there is a dispute over your neighbor building upon your land, or vice versa, this will be able to be cleared up with a thorough retracing of the title and analysis of the physical evidence of the boundaries.

Avoid unforeseen issues down the line

When administering a boundary survey, a survey company may come across things that should be cleared up before the property is sold. This can include the property having things such as iron pipes or rods sticking out of the ground, as well as old monuments, walls, fences, etc. that will either need to be removed or listed on documents given to the potential new landowners.

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