Surveys Needed More Than Ever

UAV Drone

Land Surveying has always been a profession needed for many different reasons. At this point in time, during the coronavirus, land surveyors still need to be working. The changing technology and licensure situation create an issue for land surveyors around the country, and that needs to change if we need land surveyors for a plethora of tasks.

Drones and Licensing

 Drones are becoming more and more popular in the land surveying industry. It has become an important technology to be used in boundary surveys and other aspects of a land surveyor’s work. There is a problem in many states when it comes to licensing and drone use. Licensing is required for several different tasks such as flying a drone, using scanners, and gathering data, which causes issues with land surveyors.

Experience and knowledge is what should be required for land surveying tasks like these. Now that surveyors know how to use new equipment in the land surveying process, they don’t need to obtain licenses for cross boarder use in states.

The Future of Land Surveying

UAV’s are becoming more popular for the use of land surveying. What can UAV’s help with?

Well, for many reasons, they cover large surface areas in a short time giving land surveyors an efficient schedule of duties on the jobsite. Hard to reach landscapes are easily manageable with UAV’s taking detailed images. They can accomplish land surveys, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, and topographic surveying.

Scholle’s Land Surveying

As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to settle down, we will hopefully be seeing changes made to licensing issues among states and land surveying. Land surveyors are needed more than ever.

If you’re in need of land surveying tasks, contact a professional with experience and knowledge. Reach out to Scholle’s Land Surveying at 812-663-6526 today to learn more about how we can help you in your surveying needs.

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