Surveying Before Building a Fence

Land Surveying for a Fence Build

There are plenty of reasons for building a fence on your property. You may just want a little bit of privacy, or you may not get along with your neighbors. Either way, there are a few things you should know before you start building a fence.

Obtaining a Land Survey

The reason for obtaining a land survey before putting up a fence on your property is because you may not know exactly where the property lines lie. It’s important to make sure that you’re not encroaching on your neighbor’s property lines, or else there could be some disputes in the future.

The Benefits of a Land Survey:

  • Establishes/Re-Establishes Boundary Lines
  • Defines Location, Dimensions, Area of a Parcel of Land
  • Defines the Rights of the Parcel

A certified land surveyor will conduct research for land records on the local, county, and state agencies and offices. The purpose is to locate deeds, plans, maps, wills and other documents that will be able to define the location and the rights of the parcel of land.

Steering Clear of Property Disputes

Not only will a land survey help you with building a fence in the proper location, but it will also help you discover all the land records for future instances. Let’s say a neighbor is building a shed, but they build it on your property by accident. This can be settled with the records of this land survey.

When building a fence on your property, you’ll need to make sure you are following fence laws and building codes in Indiana. It’s important for you to get everything in check, so that the fence will be built without any major disputes or property line issues.

Hire a Professional Land Surveyor

The most important thing for you to do is to hire a professional land surveyor such as Scholle’s Land Surveying. Specializing in boundary surveys and many other surveys, Andrew Scholle is your trusted and experienced land surveyor to help you with your land surveying needs. Contact Scholle’s Land Surveying at 812-663-6526 today!

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