Do I Need a Land Survey Before Remodeling?

Construction on new home

Home remodeling can be stressful, but also very exciting during the planning and process. You may want to build a new addition or remodel part of your home for several different reasons. New construction on your property requires a land survey, but a home remodel only requires one in certain circumstances.

If you’re home remodeling consists of working outside of the confines of your existing home, then you’ll need a survey. If you’re finishing the basement, remodeling the bathroom, or tearing up your kitchen, you won’t have to bother hiring a land surveyor.

When Do you Need a Survey?

A land survey is required when there is a tear down and rebuild involved in the home because technically it’s considered to be a new home. A boundary survey and a topographic survey is usually required during this process.

Additions to your house, whether it’s building a deck, patio, and an indoor pool require land surveys because it is an extension of your home. A land surveyor such as Scholle’s Land Surveying will have to conduct a land survey in order to go ahead with the construction.

Surveys will help prevent future problems with your land as well. When building a fence, shed, or adding on to a garage, it’s important to obtain a survey, so that property line disputes don’t arise with neighbors.

The Benefits of a Land Survey in Home Remodels

When adding onto your property or home, a land survey will benefit you for a long time.

Why is this?

  • Save time by obtaining a survey a head of time, so construction can start right after
  • A Land Survey can also decrease the cost of your overall home project
  • Prevents future disputes with neighbors concerning property lines
  • Comply with Zoning laws and regulations

Scholle’s Land Surveying

Do you think you might need a land survey? It’s always good to be safe. Scholle’s Land Surveying specializes in land surveying of all kinds. We can provide an accurate assessment of your surveying needs on your property.

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